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Decorative Concrete Walls with Concrete Patterns and Concrete Textures

As innovators in this space, we know how to turn your design ideas into a decorative concrete wall your clients will love.

Our design consultants will help you understand design possibilities and best practices.

Your customers always get exactly what they need in a timely manner. You get impeccable communication and design assistance, along with awesome shop drawings. You can trust our outstanding customer service.

Your design ideas into reality is easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Consultation

  • Design services
  • “Constructability” of your design, cost, or lead time requirement
  • Quote your project

2. Production

  • Mock Up approvals
  • Custom artwork as specified
  • Manufacture your order

3. Delivery

  • Freight estimates upon request
  • Secure and protect as required for global shipping

Transforming your idea into concrete designs


Design services to help with constructability of your design.

Elastometric & Semi-Elastomeric Formliners

Higher reuse and deeper reliefs possible. Customer sizes and full-wall height panels eliminate seams

Artisan-Quality Concrete Pattern Library

Decades of experience, natural-occurring textures and unique designs for architectural concrete.

Custom Concrete Textures and Concrete Patterns

Large-scale art motif projects. We bring your designed art motifs to life in solid concrete

A Few Reasons Our Customers Prefer Us

I needed an additional source for form liners. Customer service, product quality and lead time are important factors for me. Spec Formliner is able to meet my customer’s needs and expectations. They always fulfill orders in a timely and accurate fashion. Their communication is impeccable

Troy M

My job needed custom form liners for highly precise and detailed precast panel castings. Design assistance and sales support from the start to finish, Mike Castillo was exceptional. We received a quality product on time and on spec. Great communication and design assistance. Awesome shop drawings.

Matt S

Two Locations to Serve You

Frequently Asked Questions

For pricing contact Spec Formliners, Inc. at (714) 429-9500 or email us with your pattern, material, and quantity requirements.

Spec Formliners, Inc. offers 4 different material options for you to choose from:
  • SpecVac Single-use plastic: Affordable material, intended for projects where there is either a lot of cutting or the liners are going to only get used one time (such as a tilt-up). Maximum panel size is 4’x12’.
  • SpecVac Multi-use plastic: intended for 2-10 uses. Great on cast-in-place projects. Maximum panel size is 4’x12’.
  • ElastoSpec-Lite: A semi-elastomeric material intended for 15-25 uses. This is an unbonded formed material. Great for custom patterns, custom panel sizes, patterns with lots of relief and details, and moderate re-use on projects that require some cutting or trimming of the liners. Meets DOT specs for semi-elastomeric material.
  • ElastoSpec: Urethane bonded to a 3⁄4” plywood backing. 25 uses and up. Great for heavy highway projects and patterns that require lots of relief or detail, custom patterns and custom panel sizes. Meets DOT specs for elastomeric material.
It’s always best to check with a Spec Formliners, Inc. sales rep to discuss the specifics of your project and material selection.

For current lead times, check with a Spec Formliners, Inc. sales rep by calling (714) 429-9500 or by email. In general, all orders at Spec Formliners, Inc. are made to order. We do not keep inventory in stock.

You can find answers by viewing and downloading our application guides from the Resources page. Additionally, you can always contact a Spec Formliners, Inc. sales rep for assistance by calling (714) 429-9500 or by email.

We highly recommend SpecRelease,  specifically formulated to be used with our form liners.  Contact a Spec Formliners, Inc. sales rep for pricing.

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