All projects have budgets. The difference between a profitable project and an unprofitable one can come down to the very first phase of the project: the planning phase. Without proper planning, items can be overlooked until a critical phase in the construction, at which point the only solution is to go over budget in order to get it done.

The cost, weight, lead time, and functionality of form liners are factors which often go underestimated or overlooked at planning and bid time, and that comes back to haunt contractors and project owners during production. Through active involvement in the early stages of planning a project, Spec Formliners is able to save customers both time and money.

Spec Formliners offers a unique service to help minimize unforeseen costs by working closely with architects and contractors during the planning phase to accurately account for the often-overlooked details.
Spec Formliners’ staff includes a dedicated engineer with years of experience in designing Form liners systems that meet the vision and design intent of the architect while achieving the engineering and production requirements of the contractor.

The Spec Formliners “Personal Engineer” service is here to offer you pattern and material information specific to your job, design suggestions, drawings, and specification information. Spec Formliner’s “Personal Engineer” is also there to help you with submittal information. Just call and ask what we can do to help you with your project, or send us an e-mail letting us know how we can assist you.