Our tooling and production teams are always thinking creatively to come up with new methods for form liner production and new form liner applications to meet the demands of today’s challenging projects.  Learning how to create a custom pedestal for a lamp post on a freeway was no exception.

We just finished working with CC Myers on the I-5 Carmenita project that required us to think a little outside the box to come up with a large custom pedestal/corbel. We’ve made longer, and we’ve made higher panels before, but manufacturing parts that were both cumbersome in the height and length as well as the depth was a fun challenge. The liner is about 4′ long x 4′ high, and a little over 2′ wide! Coming up with a form liner solution for the corbel was key because it was a cost savings for CC Myers. Manufacturing the lamp post pedestal using an urethane form liner tool saved the contractor having to waste a couple of weeks trying to use carpentry to fabricate the tool. Additionally, the urethane liner can be used over and over again for additional cost savings.

Have something custom or a little funky you need help designing or building for your project? Give us a call, we’re happy to help!