Since 1996, Spec has been proud to build strong relationships with its distributors. When working with Spec Formliners, you can expect professional attention to detail, competitive pricing, and a trustworthy business partner. We value our distributors and know that they represent our eyes and ears in the field.

Spec Formliners, Inc,. is making it easier than ever to distribute our form liners. With a continually expanding product line including new patterns, new materials, and now, even a new form release, you can always count on Spec to set the industry standards and keep you up-to-date on the best products to offer your customers.

Because most orders with Spec are made-to-order, Spec Formliners offers direct shipping to your customer letting you avoid handling the material at your location or stocking material. However, if stocking standard and highly-requested patterns is what your going for, we can do that, too — and often at a discounted rate!