Most of Spec Formliners’ plastic liners are shipped in 4’x10′ sheets. Because plastic contracts and expands with heat, it is often necessary for the material to be trimmed. The easiest way to trim the plastic liner is with a circular hand saw (skill saw) with a fine tooth, plywood blade. If the liner is going to be butted up against a rustication strip or a reveal, the blade should be set so it is cutting the liner at a complimentary angle to the reveal.

Temperatures of 140 degrees or higher will cause permanent damage to the elasticity of the liner. The size of the liner can grow or contract 1/16″ in 10′ with every 10 degree change from thermal expansion. Because of the temperature changes, form liners should be applied at the same ambient temperature expected during the placement of the concrete.

For more information on the application process:
Plastic (PDF)
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